The Journey Home – Finding True North

When people say, “What should I do with my life?” the more interesting question is, “How do I cultivate the quietness of my being, where ‘what I should do with my life’ will become apparent?” Ram Dass

This quote from Ram Dass that arrived in my inbox summed up much of the process and challenge that I explore with my clients and in my own life.  It also resonated with the theme of the group we are running next year, The Journey Home – Finding True North.

When we’re in the full on adrenalin of work and life stress, the mind thinks it has to find all the answers, but mostly it is actually like a hamster on a wheel, running the same neural pathways in the brain and the same conditioned patterns from our childhood.  One of my teachers once said that asking the mind to help us find our deeper truths is like asking a dog to mow the lawn.  The deeper truths about who we really are and what we want in life arise in the quiet, bubbling up from our own knowing that is always there.  Our True North is always within us, waiting for us to remember, reconnect, make time and space.  Our True North is waiting for an invitation, waiting for us to learn how to navigate our inner compass.

True North could be thought of us as spirit or soul, but you can also think of it as inner wisdom, inner knowing, inner wise woman, your deepest truth – whatever resonates best. Not one of us is without this place, no matter how difficult our lives or how lost we may feel at times.  Finding our inner compass and learning how it works is a lifetime’s practice, and it helps to have guidance and companionship in the journey.  In fact, for me, it’s essential.

There are as many paths to connect to an inner compass as there are humans.  It is an entirely individual journey, yet at the same time a universal longing. It is both a lonely journey as your inner compass must be yours alone, yet one that is eased and comforted by the support of guides and friends of every species.

We have designed this programme by combining our joint wisdom and experience of the techniques that help us slow down, reconnect, and notice more deeply. At all times the emphasis is on compassion for self and compassion for others.  At the heart of the journey are the horses and the land, that help us provide the grounding and holding necessary to undertake this courageous journey.  We hope that you will join us.

Please see the workshop page for more details.

The Journey Home – Finding True North

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