“If you are always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be”
Maya Angelou

There is a force within us that seeks healing.  We have a felt sense of rightness, a knowing that is unique to each person. My desire is to help you reveal and nurture that sense.

Life in this world can be challenging.  Many of us have experienced suffering caused by life circumstances, trauma, neglect and/or social oppression.  Relationships are often the place of our deepest hurt and, I believe,  the space for profound healing.  I appreciate the courage it takes to open to a therapeutic relationship and my intention is to create a safe space for you to discover and appreciate your inner resources, and develop a kind and healthy relationship with your mind, emotions, body and spirit.

How I work

I work with you on your therapy goals.  I don’t just sit and listen, I  am active and authentic in our work together.  I believe that you have the wisdom about what’s best for you and my job is to help you access it.

I have been working therapeutically with people for over 11 years both in the field with horses and in the office face to face and via Zoom.

I have trained in different modalities including a specialism in working with PTSD and complex trauma.  My main  therapeutic orientation is Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy (AEDP)

Who is therapy for?

Anyone who wants to feel better!  Whether that is recovering from trauma,  feeling less anxious and depressed, coming to terms with difficult life events, or the desire to live a more meaningful life.

Who I work with

I have experience of working with a wide range of UK and international clients including:

  •  Clients with developmental trauma (sometimes called attachment trauma or complex PTSD)
  • Clients experiencing overwhelm or anxiety as a result of being highly sensitive / empathic / creative
  • Clients who centre spirituality as an important part of their life and growth process

I particularly welcome clients who feel oppressed or marginalised due to sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, gender identity, class, ability, age, neurodiversity, religion or size.

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